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Akali's Blade - Jacksonville Armada

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Akali's Blade - Jacksonville Armada 2-2

Compo: Tsubasa - Shawn - Ibrahimovic - Keys | Tsubasa - Shawn - Ibrahimovic Emiralay
sub: 10' Emiralay for Keys 15' Keys for Ibrahimovic

Buts: Emiralay 18:04 Emiralay 27:20
Passeurs: Shawn 18:04 Shawn 27:20

Extra Information: 27.50 Elexs goal isnt regular because Tsubasa lagged and we can say it was really clear. Here is the screen for show that he lagged

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Taking that dub for the boys back home

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This game will be 3-2. Akali's scored an equalizer after multiple pauses while we were trying to clear the ball, resulting in the ball remaining by our net when it wouldn't have if they did not continue to ask for pause every time they kicked the ball at us. Tsubasa has always been rude to me in scrimmages so I do not owe him anything as well.

Jacksonville Armada FC 3-2 Akali's Blades
Lineup: teddy-EleX-geoff-yorkie | teddy-EleX-geoff-yorkie

Goals (Assists)
1st Half: 8:54 yorkie (EleX)
2nd Half: 17:25 EleX (yorkie)  27:50 EleX

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I dont agree with the american player and i want see what admin think about it

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A decision will be take by the administration soon.

Kalimdor: La décision sera prise ce soir

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L'administration a décidé, vu le mauvais comportement d'Akali's Blade sur le terrain et sur le tchat mais aussi du non-respect de certaines règles du RS, de valider le 3 ème but de Jacksonville Armada F.C.

Score final : Jacksonville 3-2 Akali's Blade.

Le débat est maintenant clos.

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